Think of this as a public service announcement, something you might want to tell the men in your life: don't inject Vaseline into your penis to prevent your premature ejaculation.

This "famous remedy" that has been circulating on the net for years is highly detrimental. We'll talk about a solution at the end of the article, but please read this first.

A 45-year-old man living in the South Pacific learned this the hard way after he got gangrene in his penis.Yes, gangrene.The details of this man's diagnosis have recently been released.

Wait: How did this happen?

As the doctors' report states, the man went to the emergency room with a "severe deformation in the shaft of the penis, which had gradually worsened over five days," they wrote.The man said his penis itched and bled when he scratched it.After the area started to swell and he started to feel weak and feverish, he went to the emergency room. The E.R. reported a fever of 103 and a heart rate that was too fast.

His penis was also starting to rot. The doctors thought they knew what was responsible for his symptoms; the man explained that two years earlier he had injected Vaseline into the shaft of his penis because he thought it would cure his premature ejaculation issues (in some parts of the world this is quite a common thing for men to do).

The doctors opened up his penis to drain the pus and fluid.They reported finding a lot of Vaseline inside it, which they removed.They diagnosed him with Fournier's gangrene, which is gangrene of the genitals.His blood tests were also positive for staphylococcus and other bacteria. 

Vaseline is often recommended by dermatologists as a moisturiser, and while it is completely harmless when applied to the skin, it is not at all harmless when injected under the skin. It is obvious that no doctor had given this kind of treatment their approval, especially injecting it.

Doctors explain that the man made things worse by scratching his penis, breaking the skin and introducing bacteria that triggered the infection.This eventually cut off the blood supply to the tissue and led to gangrene.

To treat it, the man spent time in intensive care on antibiotics.Plastic surgeons applied skin grafts to his penis to replace the dead tissue.After a month, he was released from hospital – and his case now serves as a warning to all those who are thinking of trying their own home-made remedies to prevent premature ejaculation.

And the moral of the story?

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