penis enlargement

Is the size of the penis important? Sex experts usually say no, but that doesn't stop men from worrying that their penis is too small.

Surprisingly, scientists have devoted their resources to measuring male members – and they found an average penis length and width.

Let's take a look at the different studies and solutions that exist. At the end of the article, we will present you with the most efficient solution at the best quality for your money!

So what is considered an average penis?

According to a study conducted on more than 1,661 men published on 11 August, 2019, the average flaccid penis is 9 cm long and 9.3 cm in circumference, and the average erect penis is 13 cm long and 11.66 cm in circumference.

Interestingly, even if these are official averages, it does not mean that a man's penis will be exactly the same size at every point in his life.

Temperature is a factor that can change the size of the penis. For example, when it is cold, the flaccid penis may appear smaller. The size of the flaccid penis and the size of the erect penis are not necessarily correlated.

Some penises grow a lot when they are erect, others a lot less.

Why does penis size vary?

Men can thank their genes for their penis size. The size may vary between members of the same family, but there is also a difference between populations within the same group, meaning that the average penis size in one population may differ from the average size in another population. Generally speaking, penis size is larger or smaller depending on environmental or genetic criteria.

Can men change the size of their penis?

Here are some solutions for men who are not well endowed and want to change this. There are techniques that can increase the size of the penis.

Caution, some techniques may involve a degree of risk. These techniques are also expensive and in most cases ineffective.

One of the ways to change penis size involves surgery.

The ligaments that keep the penis erect are thus cut, so that a longer section of the penis is "outside" the body. This gives the impression that the penis is longer, although the disadvantage is that the penis, once erect, is not as stiff and hard as it used to be.

Another method is penis extension

This involves using a device called a penis extender to pull on the penis usually for several hours each day and/or weeks. Although it can lengthen the penis, it is a huge time investment for fairly small gains and excruciating pain.

Some penis enlargement techniques are both harmful and ineffective, such as:

  • Injections into the penis (such as vaseline injection, for example)
  • jelqing (creation of micro tears that enlarge the penis during healing)

We do NOT recommend these methods.

Penis pumps can be used to temporarily enlarge the penis during sex, but this does not result in a permanent change in size.

How to enlarge the penis...

A few simple tricks can make a penis look bigger, where no surgery or devices are required. You can lose weight and/or trim your pubic hair. These are ways to make the penis more visible, which can make it look longer.

... For real!

If you've got a (real) complex about your penis size, you can turn to natural solutions to gain in size and girth.

Rather than opting for a drastic, and potentially dangerous method (such as surgery), there are nutritional supplements based on natural ingredients that will enable you to get a bigger member.

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The effects of Viril XXL and the dosage to follow

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Their effects, particularly on libido, erection quality and penis enlargement, were observed in about 100 patients who agreed to test them clinically. Not only did this show their effectiveness, but it also proved that they are perfectly safe for the human body.

The results you can expect

In conclusion, this supplement is effective and well worth the price you pay. These pills really help you gain centimetres in penis size.

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Stamina will be increased not just sexually but in general, as these pills increase muscular mass and therefore have an effect on the entire body. It is a discreet solution, which you can get delivered to your home or use without your partner or your relatives knowing.

Viril XXL capsules also help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Two aspects that can affect your sexual performance and reduce your erectile function.

You know what you have to do!