Today we're going to talk about an ailment you may be suffering from – a micropenis. Fortunately, as you will see in the conclusion, there is a solution to help you! 

What does it mean to have a micropenis and how does it affect sex?

You've probably heard friends share stories about having sex with a man with a micropenis.Most likely, however, these men simply had a small penis, which is by no means the same thing.

A micropenis is a real and diagnosable medical condition; it refers to a penis that is less than 5 cm long when erect. Damien Chazalle, a urological surgeon in Clermont Ferrand, says: "In our size-obsessed world, having a micropenis can make a man depressed. 

And it can also be a big surprise for his partner. Only a fraction of men actually have a micropenis.Here are some facts you need to know about the disorder – why it happens and how it really affects sexual satisfaction.

A micropenis is there from birth

This micropenis is likely caused by a hormonal abnormality during gestation of the fetus.This hormonal imbalance means low testosterone production at a stage, where testosterone would normally increase and cause the penis to grow rapidly in a normal male fetus.

What is considered a micro penis?

The average length of an adult member is 9 cm flaccid and 13 cm erect.An erect penis that fits within 7 cm – slightly smaller than the width of a credit card – is a micropenis.

There are treatments for such men

Sometimes you can give men a ton of testosterone to make the penis bigger.Treatment can be effective but it is expensive and not without side effects. Injecting chemical testosterone sends a false signal to the body, which stops producing testosterone naturally since it already has enough. This can be a serious problem when the course of testosterone is stopped. Surgery is also an option. 

If a standard penis enlargement procedure is not enough, a phalloplasty may be necessary.Phalloplasty uses tissue from other parts of the body (for example, the muscle tissue in the forearm) to create a new penis (and urethra) for the patient.

A micropenis functions normally... but...

Having a micropenis prevents men from having full sex, masturbating properly, having orgasms or simply urinating. Sometimes a man with a micro penis will not be able to have penetrative sex, which in turn can mean that reproduction is impossible in terms of conceiving a child.

It can be psychologically tough

The psychological impact of having a micropenis is difficult to estimate.Did you chuckle when you read the title of this article? Any discussion about a micropenis has social and cultural implications including: What does it mean to be a man? How do men see themselves and how are they perceived? By what standards are they judged?.

And what about sex?

While a micropenis can be an uncomfortable issue for some men, a fully satisfying sex life may be possible for them and their partners, with a lot of effort.

From a functional point of view, penis size is the least important aspect for pleasing a partner. A sex educator recommends focusing on sexual acts that can be performed instead of penetration. 

You can have a lot of fun and satisfaction with fingers, mouths and toys. Vibrators stimulate the most sensitive part of the genitals, be it the clitoris, the G spot, the prostate or the frenulum.

She suggests experimenting with new positions.Try variations on the missionary position where the woman rests her hips on a pile of pillows, then places her straight legs on her lover's chest and shoulders while the lover kneels. 

Doggy style is another great option, she says, because larger penises can cause discomfort or pain in this position.It's about finding creative solutions to enjoy each other's bodies.

Natural plants to the rescue

These plants have been used in Chinese medicine since the dawn of time and produce amazing results.

Then why doesn't anyone ever talk about this? Why are these roots and plants known to all specialists but not on the front pages of magazines or websites? It's a mystery! Or maybe not, after all. How do you think competing companies and industries would view this? They wouldn't be happy obviously!

If these natural remedies were promoted, and men with a micropenis were told that they could easily be cured without having to hit the chemicals... you'd be dragged through the mill ;)

In fact, there are effective alternative solutions such as Male Perf, which we talk about below, and inexpensive ones that can help you, but shhh... we weren't the ones who told you!

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